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Desktop Notifications Displays Android Notifications on the Big Screen

Android: Say you’re working at your desk, and you feel your phone buzz in your pocket. It’s not exactly onerous to pull it out, but doing so can break your workflow. Desktop Notifications solves this all-too-common minor annoyance by displaying device’s notifications on your main screen, with practically no setup.

Now that we know what is 200 calories, it’s time to burn them.

Olive oil is 100% fat, pancake mix is only 11% fat.

So why is olive oil good for you and the other one is bad? Watch this video to find out.

What is fat? - George Zaidan (by TEDEducation)

Orange is the new black. Well worth watching, funny and real.

Watching “The Bridge”.  Very graphic for a pilot.

Dilbert crippled their RSS feed? No problem!

Apparently, Dilbert creators don’t want us to get the daily comic in our favorite news reader and cut the RSS feed to include nothing but a link.


Well, no problem!

Subscribe to Dilbert.com updates with Feed2Mail’s website monitoring feature and get an email notification (including a screenshot) when new comic is released.


Get a free* Feed2Mail Gold account with this promo code

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Welcome FeedTo.Me

Say hello to my latest project - FeedTo.Me!

The name says it all, it’s a lightweight RSS/Atom reader to replace soon-to-be-gone Google Reader.

It’s based on the open-sourced Tiny Tiny RSS project and offers, as of now, Feed2Mail integration.

Signup now!